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Mentor's Vision:

To act as a CATALYST this alters the growth rate of the students rapidly to achieve excellence in ISCA & IT.

"Information Technology is the accelerator that increases the growth of any organisation rapidly."
Prof. Ashish Desai has achieved his Masters in Information Technology & Software Engineering. Since 2008, he has observed the changing trends & its patterns in the industry.

After deep research & analysis he has created a methodology which proves to be the best procedure any student should undergo to bring out the best in him.

He has also published various books of which SYSTEM ANALYSIS & DESIGN for SOFTWARE ENGINEERING and ADVANCED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING are major hits amongst all class of students. His methodology helps the student excel in the subjects INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & INFORMATION SYSTEM CONTROL & AUDIT.

This procedure assures you to beat the REST; so lets be mentored by the BEST !!!


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